LIVING THE DREAM, Part 8: Eyes Wide Open!


Yes, here I am, still living the dream of becoming a published author. Retiring from my twenty-seven-year career as a college English professor so I could focus on publishing present and future novels has been well worth it. In late May 2017, my husband and I  sold our “brick and stick” home, bought a fifth-wheel RV and a heavy-duty F350 pickup to tow it. In June, while we were in Aransas Pass, we contacted the publisher we met through one of Jeff’s business contacts. In July, I emailed my final edit to the publisher, and, on August 8, FROM HER MOTHER’S ARMS, my debut novel, appeared on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other online booksellers.

Being an author is, indeed,  a dream come true, in spite of some people I have met on the social media sites who could have turned that dream — as well as the dreams of other authors — into a nightmare or, at the least, a comedy of errors, had I let them. From the comments fellow authors — my  “tribe” — have posted, these people are the “sales tax” attached to the price of fame.

As part of my promotion of the Author Kim Terry, brand, I keep up with social media venues such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and sometimes even Pinterest, Google Plus, and even Messenger every day.  On sites such as these, authors or others in the public eye become unwilling targets of  “colorful” (ahem!) characters. Granted, most are merely curious or lonely.  There is certainly no shame in being curious or lonely. And while there are bonafide widowers, Generals, and honest, hard-working people “on peacekeeping missions”, there are others I have steered away from, deleted, and flat-out blocked, depending on what they have said to me. You might say that I’ve awakened from the rosy dream of being a “new” author. Now, my eyes are now wide open. To give you a “taste” of who gets the “gong”, I have listed five questions that merit the buzzer:

  1. “How old are you?”:  Haven’t I just said I was “retired”? Has your mother not   taught you that asking a woman how old she is, particularly when you do not know her, is outright rude?

2. “Where do you live?“: You want to know that after I have already told you the general area where I live?

3. “Are you married?“: What part of the word “husband” do you not get? And yes, after only two more minutes, it should stand to reason that, yes, I am still married.

4 “Can I see a picture of you?”: Sure. Just go to, click on “Photos”, and you can get your fill of my author-ly “mug”.

“But can you send one of you from head-to-toe?”

Nope. Not gonna happen.

5. “I’d rather talk to you by email“:

“Why do you want my email?” I ask.

“It’s complicated,” he says.

 Unh-uh. No wayNothing doing.


Stay tuned to another “Living the Dream” episode. Until then, click on the links I have provided, pick up a copy of FROM HER MOTHER’S ARMS (see link above), if you haven’t. If you have read my novel, favorable reviews — which are an author’s ‘life’s blood’ — are always welcome.










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