I. Who I Am and Where I’ve Been

I am a Christian wife, mother, grandmother, and dog-mommy.  I used to ‘steal’ my writing moments when I wasn’t teaching college English classes. Now retired from teaching after twenty-seven years, I realized my dream of becoming and author. In May 2017, my husband and I sold our Arlington, Texas home, bought a pickup and a fifth-wheel RV and hit the road with “Russet”, our eight-year-old Finnish Spitz/German Shepherd dog.

A year later, we are now camp-hosts (or “workampers”) at Appalachian Campground in Northeastern Georgia for a six-month stint. Come November 1, who knows where we’ll be?

II. Pen Name:  Kim Terry
III. My Genres: (present to past)
    A. suspense fiction: (since January 2009)
        Published From Her Mother’s Arms in August 2017.
    B. blog entries (since March 2011) which I have moved over to my authorkimterry.wordpress.com blog, as everybody and everything crossing paths with an author becomes a story-in-the-making.
    C. poetry (free-verse and haiku) since 1960
 *Published first free-verse poem, “Love Walks Again” in “Your Lively Arts” page on Ingenue in 1962 and “Good Morning, Hope” on “Your Lively Arts” page in Ingenue in 1964.
“Command Performance” and other free-verse poems appear in Christian Bible Teacher, The BITS Newsletter, and a number of school literary magazines.
“listen to the stream” and other haiku appear in Christian Bible Teacher and Asahi Network.
III. From Poetry to Prose
My foray into fiction started with an email from my cousin, BeeGee McBride of Port Aransas in January 2009.
“Kim, this workshop has your name all over it. Just so happens that it will be held in ‘Port A’, this weekend. It’s been thirty years since we’ve visited. I hope you can come down.”
I flew in on Friday of the same week. That night, I was her guest of honor at a wine-and-cheese reception at her beach home. The next morning, the poetry sessions were all full but the mystery/suspense workshop, led by author David Ciambrone of POISONS HANDBOOK FOR WRITERS and guest speaker at “Murder 101”, a symposium covering blood-spatter patterns, bullets, poisons, and other means of mayhem, held in the basement of a condominium, that night. The information I gleaned led me to write the novel I never dreamed I could write.
As I flew back to DFW Airport, on the next day, I began brainstorming for a suspense novel of my own, BY HER DAUGHTER’S HANDS, a larger work of which FROM HER MOTHER’S ARMS is a part.
During the April 2016 Camp NaNoWriMo, as I sat beside my husband’s hospital bed after his surgery, I fast-drafted FROM HER MOTHER’S ARMS,  a story beginning in 1950’s Lamesa, Texas, about a pregnant teenager banished from her Lamesa, Texas home by her angry parents and ordered to give up her baby for adoption or else.
“It’s only right,” they say.
But is it, always? 
Jeff Schwarz, my husband, lover, soulmate, and the best road-running buddy ever
Chem and Lois Terry, my parents
Tam and Terry Johnson, my sons
Michael D. Butler, my publisher
 Jesus Christ, the One who makes all things possible.
V. WORKS ‘IN-THE-WORKS’ (**= working titles)
   ** FULL MOON OVER ‘OASIS RV‘ (suspense)
   **  MAN AFTER MIDNIGHT (suspense)

   **  CRIMSON FEATHERS (a time-travel fantasy)


   Read, write, repeat.
   Write like your brain’s on fire and NEVER give up.